Area Reps

The PCSN has Area Representatives around the country. Feel free to reach out to them if you are looking for support or are wanting to find out what is going on in your area. If you are interested in becoming a local Area Representative for the PCSN here is some background information.

The Police Christian Support Network (PCSN) was established in 2005 to provide an opportunity to connect Christian staff for the purpose of supporting and empowering them in their faith. As Police staff we walk in unique environments and situations that can be impacting and challenging. Through our varied roles we often get to bring hope and comfort to a range of people. But sometimes we also need support, encouragement and strengthening. Who better to provide this support than colleagues who have also walked this road in the same shoes.

The Network aims to connect Christian staff from across the country to provide support and encouragement in the workplace. The PCSN also provides opportunities for a listening ear, advice, fellowship, prayer, sharing, conferences and social events. The Network is a voluntary, grassroots staff-directed initiative and is open to anyone and everyone seeking such support. We are looking to ensure that the PCSN has Area Reps in as many Police Stations around NZ as we can possibly get. There is no particular job description for this role other than your faith in Christ needs to be central to your life and work and that you see the value of supporting and empowering your colleagues in their Christian faith.

We would also ask that you read the Policy Statement that we operate under (found here on the PCSN website) and if you would still like to be an Area Rep please reply to advising briefly about yourself. There is no expectation as to how you operate as a PCSN Area Rep, other than bringing who you are to the role and that you operate with respect at all times. The main thing is that you are willing to have your name and contact details made visible and available to other Police staff who may wish to make contact for the purpose of seeking support, advice, prayer, fellowship or direction. Our request in putting your name forward is that you would make yourself available to respond to such needs as God leads you.

This is an organic role which can end up looking however you wish based upon how you choose to invest in it. Some choose to get together formally or informally for prayer, support, fellowship, BBQ’s, breakfasts and/or coffees. Others send out regular emails to encourage and challenge while some send out local newsletters. The overriding point is we believe in the power of connecting with one another, through whatever means. Whatever you do, small or large is irrelevant. The intention is not to give people a burden, but rather to provide an opportunity which between you and God can grow into that which He leads you.

Let us know if you are interested in pursuing this further.