Police Bible


Bibles have found a normal place within the Police domain throughout our history; whether it be through providing support, encouragement and guidance to staff, or persons and communities policed, or through fulfilling a range of duties and responsibilities, from swearing our Constabulary Oath of Office, to conducting various Court functions including swearing search warrants, production orders, affidavits or prior to giving evidence.

The Police Christian Support Network exists to support and empower staff within Police.  In light of the nature of work Police are called upon to deal with, the foundations of the laws of this land, and the oath or affirmation of service to the Crown, we believe that it has become important to provide Police staff access to their very own personalised Bible.

As a result the Police Christian Support Network has worked in partnership with the Bible Society New Zealand to develop a Bible for use by Police staff.  The Bibles are a New Living Translation and are similar in design to those published by the Bible Society for personnel in the Royal NZ Navy, Royal NZ Airforce and NZ Army.  The Bibles are compact with a waterproof cover and are personalised for the Policing context.  Inspirational prayers, scripture and a reading guide are included to provide assistance and direction.

Following considerable joint work between the Police Christian Support Network and Bible Society New Zealand, this Bible has now been completed for launch at conference in Wellington in October 2020.  Following this the Bibles are available free of charge through the Police Christian Support Network and Police Chaplains.

The Commissioner’s Office fully supports this initiative.

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