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Dave Laumatia Art

As a kid I didn’t have the greatest self confidence but what I did like doing was sketching cartoon pictures and comic books.  I didn’t do much art as an adult.  My wife would come to me to do sketches for a work project which I did thinking not too much about it.

About 6 years ago I really felt prompted to take up an art class.  I began with portraiture and found it so hard I almost gave up but remember the art teacher saying even if I thought the art was not good to push through until you are happier with it.  That was the best advice he gave me as I never looked back and then did a painting class.

Since then I have published two art books of my art, photography and poetry.  I received a District Commander’s commendation for art work that I painted in cell A7.  I was one of ten people selected from hundreds of applicants.  I focused on a message of freedom and hope wanting to encourage people that their stay was only temporary.  The art complimented magazines I had placed in the cells from Crime2Christ with testimonies from those who had their lives turned around by Jesus.  I have sold art work in America, Australia and New Zealand and enjoy occasionally gifting art to people.

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